IN TIME PICTURES LTD was founded in 2007 by producer/director Douglas Lowndes and writer/researcher Susan Bennett to produce documentaries and features with an international point of view. We have worked, together and separately, in most sectors of the film industry over a 35-year period, often working abroad, or in multicultural situations in Britain. Our European co-production, the drama documentary ‘Views of the Holy Land’ had co-producers from four countries.

Our two new feature projects are set, respectively, in Java with British and Indonesia actors, and in London with a multi-ethnic cast. Our film work has been paralleled by the organisation of events of an arts or educational nature, recently through the charity Tam Tam Tales, for which we not only made multi-language children’s DVDs but oversaw their implementation as learning aids in primary schools. Our
Scottish/Italian project ‘Scott’s Operas’ came into action in July 2014, with four operatic recitals and accompanying lectures featuring Walter Scott’s influence on the opera.