Jerzy has good reason to lie low. This is the first of his many coups which would incur a legal penalty if he is caught. To complicate matters he has a surprise visit from his estranged wife, Nigerian-born scientist Nora, who is desperate prevent her employers from launching a new drug which she knows is unsafe, and is ready to adopt any means to keep it off the market. Nora is the only woman in his life who has ever meant anything to him, so of course he jumps to her aid, but Nora does not have his experience of clandestine activities, and any wrong move could capsize them both.
No compromise

When a massive fire-hoax brings London’s prestigious arms fair to a halt, suspicion immediately falls on Jerzy, an American scientist living in London who parallels a career as a world-class microbiologist with a lifelong history of radical subversion. Jerzy’s speciality is the devastating practical joke, targeting the perpetrators of every abuse of science, from nuclear weapons to useless medicines. Urbane and wily, Jerzy is an expert at covering his tracks, and as usual there is no evidence of his involvement. He has also, since his recent early retirement, been very difficult to find, having rented out his flat and moved to a hideout in East London.